Chicken wrapped in Bacon Recipe – My Chicken Got Porked!

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My Chicken got Porked and so can yours

Well I got ya on that title huh? What do I mean by my Chicken got Porked? Well I mean some good recipes with chicken and bacon – so if you were looking for something else – this is not where to look. If you are looking for some yummy recipes then you have come to the right place.

Ok folks you can Pork your Chicken too and this is how – it is so easy:

You get a Oven Roaster Chicken – We like Purdue, but any will do and even better when on sale. Oh and be sure it has a pop up timer – what a help those are. If not, then you’re going to use a regular instant read thermometer.

Then you get some Good Ol’ Bacon – We used the Hatfield Thick Slice for this recipe. But of course you can make your own bacon and then use one of our reviews to buy the best meat slicer and slice your own thick bacon.

Get out your roasting pan – spray with no stick spray. We do not use a rack because we like the Chicken to get extra moist from the juices.

Preheat your oven to the time specified on your Chicken.

Open Chicken package and pull out all that gross stuff. I always give my chicken and extra bath with some salt and water for about 10 minutes. Then simply drain all water, wait a bit to mostly dry or use some paper towels, and then place it in your roasting pan.

Now it is time to Pork your Chicken. So now you have a naked chicken in your pan. Open your bacon and dress that baby with strips of bacon. Have fun with it – wrap it all around laying the pieces on the top and over the side etc… Looks very impressive coming out of the oven – so do it well and impress your family and friends. And don’t worry, you don’t need a bacon press or anything fancy.

Don’t have a full blown oven? Maybe you’re in your dorm room on a cold day? That’s okay, check out our best toaster oven reviews and make this in a small toaster oven. It’ll work just as well.

So now you are done with that and you have officially Porked a Chicken – you must be so proud. Now if you want to kick it up a notch, you can add a little something more, for me I use a BBQ sauce just for that extra kick. For all of you meat geeks, try your favorite home made sauce or grab a bottle of whatever you like.

Then stick it into the oven – no cover – you want that bacon to get nice and crispy. The juices will flow into the chicken and provide it with a nice flavor. I occasionally bast it throughout the cooking time with my baster.

Then just sit back and wait for the goodness your Porked Chicken will bring to the table.

So while you wait make some side dishes: My favorites – of course Mashed Potatoes and a Veggie. And don’t forget to use any leftover bacon grease as a nice gravy for those mashed potatoes!

When your chicken is all done pull off the bacon and set on a plate for those wanting to eat it – It is so good. Then carve up your chicken as normal and enjoy your dinner.


  • You can find other variations of this I am sure online, but this was so simple and good.
  • The bacon provides salt – so no need to add extra!
  • Bacon flavor variations liked smoked etc… will give the chicken different flavors – so try things you like.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

This bacon wrapped chicken recipe is meant for the whole chicken, but you can just use chicken breasts or legs if you want. Feel free to experiment!
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour 15 minutes
Course: Main Course
Servings: 4 people
Calories: 498kcal
Author: Rosanna Castilioni


  • 1 Whole Chicken You can also use just parts of a chicken too!
  • 20 Slices Bacon Use smoked or uncured for different tastes!


  • This recipe is very simple. Just lay the bacon onto the chicken wherever you can fit it. The more the better. The bacon will add so much flavor as well as making an otherwise dry white meat very juicy.


I suggest you start off with this simple recipe, and then try variations as you understand the different flavors. You can do almost anything. I like adding bacon and a home made BBQ sauce. Amazing flavors and soooo easy!


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