How Long Does Bacon Last?

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How long does cooked bacon last?

It all depends on how it is stored, what kind of bacon it is and if it is cooked or raw. But if it’s still in the original package, then one to two weeks past its expiration date is usually the maximum time you’d want to eat it.

Freezing cooked pork bacon or even bacon grease greatly enhances its shelf life, or the amount of time you can use it without the bacon or grease going bad or rancid.

If you decide to freeze your cooked bacon, it can last up to six months with no problems. If you hold onto it for a while longer, you’ll need to smell it to see if it has gone bad.

How long does bacon last in the fridge?

In the refrigerator, cooked bacon usually lasts for about a week.

If you’re going to place raw bacon in the freezer and it is still in its original vacuum packed package, then it should last for at least 6 months, and up to a year. This is the longest time period you can store bacon in any form.

If you’re storing your opened bacon in the fridge, then expect it to last for around only about one to two weeks. And when storing in the refrigerator, be sure to place it in an air tight container, otherwise it will dry out within a few days.

Uncovered bacon or grease can also be contaminated by other foods and pick up their flavors. So it’s important to store your bacon properly in air tight containers or wrap regardless if you’re freezing or refrigerating it.

How long does bacon grease last?

Bacon grease will last a little longer than actual bacon in any of the preserving ways. In fact, my grandmother used to have bacon grease on the stove that was jut always there. She used it to cook with almost everyday. But I never saw her refrigerate it. I wouldn’t recommend this, but it is a testament to how long bacon grease can last.

Does Bacon Go Bad?

Absolutely! Bacon still has it’s natural juices, unlike something like jerky, and even though it has been cured, it can still go bad and if eaten can make you sick. So be careful!

How to tell if Bacon is bad, rotten or spoiled?

The best way is simply to smell it. If it smells bad, then it probably is. And you will know if your bacon is off, meat has a very distinctive smell when it starts to go bad.

You can also look at the bacon and see what color it is. Once you start to see gray, then it means your bacon is going bad. Once you get to that point, it’s best to just dispose of it properly.