How to Microwave Bacon

Table of Contents

The No Mess Guide to Cooking Bacon in a Microwave

Do you love to eat bacon for breakfast, but you don’t want to deal with dirty pans or bacon presses or burn marks from oil spatters? If you have a microwave in your kitchen, there’s no need to worry anymore, because you can cook bacon in the microwave. Here’s what to do.

What You’ll Need:

  • Uncooked bacon
  • Microwave-safe container
  • Microwave
  • Paper towels


  1. Purchase some bacon. It comes in different varieties and flavors, from healthy types, to those that are fit for gourmet use. Choose one that suits your taste, budget, as well as the nutritional value. One tip: When picking out a type of bacon, choose those that have more pink meat than fat.
  2. Get a microwave-safe plate or container, preferably one made from Pyrex or glass. One good option is to get a flat tray that has ridges which help keep the bacon pieces away from the grease it produces.
  3. Line your microwave-safe dish with several sheets of paper towel. These will work as a sponge, effectively soaking the grease and preventing the fat from running and making an oily mess.
  4. Lay down the bacon strips over the paper towels. Just put enough on the dish, with each piece lying flat on the paper towel surface. Don’t think that you can hurry this, and avoid piling the strips on top of one another. If you do this, you won’t cook them properly and evenly.
  5. Put a few more layers of paper towels over the bacon. This will prevent grease from spattering inside your oven.
  6. Microwave the bacon, putting it on the “cook” setting. Cooking time depends on how many bacon you placed in the oven. One good rule many follow is to allot one minute for every piece of bacon. So if you’re cooking five strips, you’ll let them cook for five minutes. If the bacon is fattier, though, it takes longer to cook, so add a minute to the cooking time.
  7. Don’t open the microwave to check on the bacon. This will affect the crispiness. Just listen to the sizzling instead. When you hear the sizzle slowing at the end of the cooking time, it means the bacon is nearly done.
  8. Take the bacon out of the microwave, removing the soggy, greased paper towels, over and under them. You can throw these out already. Transfer the bacon to another dish, then serve. You now have crispy and yummy microwave bacon without the mess of pan fried, and no bacon grease to deal with. Although I see that as a negative!

When microwaved, bacon tastes just as delicious and as crispy. Just follow these tips and enjoy a delicious bacon-filled breakfast!